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We unlock growth by transforming companies into empowered communities of smaller coherent teams that launch and grow better products and services, faster.

About Mothership

Growth, through empowered communities.

We're a growth and transformation advisory and software company, founded in 2018 in Sydney, Australia, with a fast-growing global presence. Our diverse team of practitioners and consultants share a passion for helping companies embrace systems thinking, collective leadership practices, and enabling technology, in order to foster environments that empower their teams.

Mothership consultants have worked with
some of the world's leading brands.

Macquarie Bank
Procter & Gamble
Australian Government
Virgin Australia
Apple, Inc.

What We Believe

Smaller empowered teams launch better products, faster.

Motherships are companies who harness this truth by ensuring the necessary conditions for smaller teams to thrive as semi-autonomous, smaller craft, with distinct missions that cohere to the overarching aim and goals.

Illustration for cooperation and reuse

Common belief system

An overarching aim, shared convictions, and goals.

Motherships are communities made up of teams and people, who share a common belief system that guides and inspires actions that further a common aim.

Illustration for decentralised growth that enables the pursuit of three horizons of growth

A decentralised model for growth

Scaling the pursuit of sustainble, inclusive growth

Motherships deploy small teams to pursue three kinds of growth: expanding the core business, innovating into adjacencies, and igniting breakout businesses.

Illustration for cooperation and reuse

A culture of cooperation & reuse

Cooperation enables us all to advance further, faster.

Motherships enable efficiency and learning through shared resources that are easy to consume and contribute to, continually evolving through collective experience.

Illustration for democratising rapid innovation

Democratising rapid innovation

Everyone can design, develop, deploy apps and websites.

Motherships enable teams to rapidly launch new experiences, through the embrace of coded design systems, no-code tooling, and automated build pipelines.


Laying the foundations for your teams to thrive.


Using evidence-based approaches and broad experience to help clients build, manage, and leverage exceptional brands that inspire meaningful movements.

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Brand DNA

Destill your story, purpose, core beliefs, promises, and key experiences, to ensure greater resonance.

Brand Audits

Multi-channel audits that ensure consistent brand experiences across all touchpoints.

Brand Toolkits

Operationalize how your brand is maintained and used to engage customers across all touchpoints.

Brand Analytics

Develop cross-channel analytics to measure brand sentiment and impact, to discover opportunities.

Capability Uplift

Enhance your internal branding capability, with org re-design, onboarding, and training efforts.

Our Platforms

Tools to enable and support empowered communities.

Enhance culture, hire and manage better, and operationalize, automate, and scale how your teams design and develop new products and services.

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Coded design systems and no-code tooling for web apps.

Icon for Prsm.io


Automated digital touchpoint audits and refactoring.

Icon for Newsworthy


An intelligent news app, curated by thought leaders.

Icon for Spacekit


Create and publish eLearning experiences, effortlessly.

Icon for TalentHunt

Talent Hunt

Poachable, in-demand talent, discovered and sorted by AI.

Icon for Prospr.io


HR tools for strength-based, radically transparent cultures.

Icon for Boomi


Org-wide device upcycling and e-waste management.

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